Quality Aluminium Non-Stick Fry Pan Frying Pan With Handle Black

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Non-Stick Frying Pans Aluminium NON-Induction Frypan

20/22/23/26/28/30 cm

  • FryPan is Formed with multi-layered nonstick and top rated aluminum alloy which is used for highly durable professional grade frying pans.
  • High quality nonstick interior allows for easier cooking and cleanup.
  • Dishwasher safe; for hand cleaning, first use a paper towel, wooden, or plastic spatula to remove off any loose food from the pan; then use a soft nylon scrubber, sponge, or paper towel sprinkled with a few drops of dish-washing soap to wipe the nonstick surface clean


Diameter: 20.0 CM
Depth: 3.8 CM
Capacity: 1 ltr

Diameter: 21.5 CM
Depth: 4.2 CM
Capacity: 1.25 ltr

Diameter: 23.0 CM
Depth: 4.3 CM
Capacity: 1.1/2 ltr

Diameter: 25.5 CM
Depth: 4.5 CM
Capacity: 1.75 ltr

Diameter: 28.0 CM
Depth: 4.6 CM
Capacity: 2 ltr

Diameter: 29.5 CM
Depth: 4.8 CM
Capacity: 2.1/2 ltr